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The Jeff Koke Design Team

Jeff Koke, Principal and Creative Director
Jeff Koke began designing professionally in 1992, while working as an editor for a game book publishing company called Steve Jackson Games. He received a bachelor's degree in English from Texas State in 1989 and a Master's in English from the University of Texas in 1995.

He transitioned from editing to design at about the same time that the Internet began to take off, mid-1994, and promptly fell in love with all aspects of design. His first "pure" design job was with his future partner's fledgling Internet marketing company, Saper Media Group. He worked for Saper Media Group for 18 months before being lured away by the venture capital backed "internet bubble."

Jeff spent the next 3 years as Creative Director for two enterprise software companies, SMART Technologies, which was purchased by i2 in 1998, and Motive Communications. Many of Jeff's closest colleagues are people he worked with at SMART and Motive.

Jeff left Motive in 1999 to join the Knowledge Capital Group and run their creative services and design practice, Mindshare Marketing. He did extensive branding, marketing execution and design work for technology companies from all over the country, as well as design and execute the company's own marketing collateral, Web site and other materials.

In July of 2001, Jeff left KCG to form Jeff Koke Design, which has served over 200 clients with clean, effective graphic design and marketing.

Jeff lives in southwest Austin with his son Carson.

The K Team: A group of experienced design, marketing and programming professionals who work side-by-side with Jeff to deliver results. These professionals are hand-selected and share my design philosophy and help me live up to my pledge of exceptional service, on-time delivery and flat-rate pricing. If you are intersted in doing sub-contract work for JKD, please contact me.